About Us

Bad Mothers Club – Who, What and Why

lookhereIn the aisle by the Chill Cabinets, No-one can hear you scream…

The groundbreaking website badmothersclub.co.uk was launched in January 2003 by the bestselling author and broadcaster Stephanie Calman who wanted to see mothers treated as they weren’t normally treated, ie as people who need to laugh and think.

lookhereShe intended the site as an alternative to mainstream websites and women’s magazines, many of which were contributing to women’s fear that they were somehow inadequate, as mothers and as people. BMC was designed to be a place where people could express their true feelings about parenting, families, relationships and Life in general.

lookhereThe original press release began like this. . .

If you’ve ever wanted to hurl yourself off a Paphos villa balcony shouting, “I’ll take that fifth margarita after all, Costas!” while simultaneously trying to remove your knickers and your breast pads – this could be just the thing you need. Or, if yours is a life of quiet desperation, spent eating the ends of cold fish fingers and pulling the heads off Barbies… we’re here for you too. Whether you just need a laugh, some solidarity with fellow strugglers or a reason to sneak away for a precious half-hour, come and

  • Get some Retell Therapy:
    Share your experiences, frustrations, dreams – and nightmares – with others who know how you feel.
  • Have Sex with Thomas the Tank Engine (and Friends):
    Download some funny and provocative things to read.
  • Learn How to do Less:
    Do a bit less parenting and a bit more LIVING.
  • Get absolutely no ideas whatsoever on how to be a better mother.
  • And that’s a promise.